BeOS Developer Edition 1.1 (BE 5.03) Notes

Brian Stewart sent:

  1. Fdisk partition before booting from cd
  2. Setup doesn't configure DHCP by default
  3. Errors out EVERY time on the first reboot after install, Kernel error in the deskbar.  Click ok, let it load into the system. Issue ctrl-alt-delete, and restart desktop.  Works every time after that.  Tested on 3 separate VPCs.

Phillip Tarrant also noted that the SoundBlaster that is emulated in Virtual PC 2004 has no drivers in BeOS as of yet. Their are Soundblaster16-32 Drivers, however, they do not work when using BeOS in Virtual PC 2004 (it is inaudible).  Also, the S3 drivers available from works very well, and using the BONE extension causes the machine to crash,  net_serv is the suggested network extension





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