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Hello everyone, and welcome to the unofficial list of which OSes work and which don't in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. I hope this site helps you! Please remember: This site is not official. No one, including me, is responsible for anything that may happen to any system as a result of this website. This website is not owned by Microsoft. It is here strictly for your information. Remember that there are only VPC Additions for some versions of Windows, MS-DOS, and OS/2.

Note about Virtual Server 2005:  Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, released on September 13th to the public, uses the same core code as Virtual PC 2004.  This means that the list below is generally the same for both products, aside from the supported list that is targeted towards Virtual PC.

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OS NameDoes it Work?Extra NotesSupported by Microsoft?Submitted By
MS-DOS 1.12 (Compaq)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 1.25 (Zenith, Corona)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 2.11 (AT&T, Corona)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 3.10 (Zenith)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 3.2x (Microsoft)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 3.30 (Microsoft)YesSometimes has problems reading from a real floppyNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 3.31 (Compaq)YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
MS-DOS 4.01DependsCan only boot from a floppy diskNoTod Morgan
MS-DOS 5.0YesNoneNoTod Morgan
MS-DOS 6.22YesClick here (Thanks GaryM)YesMicrosoft VPC website
MS-DOS 7.10YesNoneNoPaolo Scalia
Small Business Server 2000YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Small Business Server 2003 Pre.YesNoneNoTim Juul Andersen
Small Business Server 2003 Std.YesNoneNoJohn van Lieshout
Windows 1YesNoneNoMatt
Windows 2YesNoneNoMatt
Windows 2000 Advanced ServerYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Windows 2000 DatacenterYesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows 2000 ProfessionalYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows 2000 ServerYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Windows 286YesInstall on DOS 6.22 and replace himem.sys and smartdrv with DOS versionsNoTod Morgan
Windows 3.0YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Windows 3.1YesNoneNoBenjamin Armstrong
Windows 3.2 (Chinese only)YesNoneNoGert-Jan Lokhorst
Windows 95YesAll OSR releasesYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows 98 First EditionYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows 98 Second EditionYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows 98 Second Edition Hebrew Enabled YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Windows for Workgroups 3.1YesNoneNoBenjamin Armstrong
Windows for Workgroups 3.11YesNoneNoBenjamin Armstrong
Windows Longhorn Build 4051YesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
Windows Longhorn Build 4074YesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
Windows Longhorn Build 5048YesPartition the VHD using a boot disk before install; VM Additions must be installed by running setup in VMADD\WindowsNoColin Barnhorst
Windows Longhorn Server Beta 2 Build 5384YesNoneNoRaf van de Vreugde
Windows MillenniumYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows NT 3.1NoGraphical portion of install fails with wrong CPU errorNoMichael Marquette
Windows NT 3.51 ServerYesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Windows NT 3.51 WorkstationYesNoneNoMarco Nielsen
Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise ServerYesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Windows NT 4.0 ServerYesThe VPC site suggests SP3 for NT Workstation...NoJonathan Maltz
Windows NT 4.0 TSEYesVPC Additions causes the cursor to "break"NoJonathan Maltz
Windows NT 4.0 WorkstationYesSP6 or higher is needed (thanks Rob Jansen)YesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows PE 1.1YesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows PE 1.2YesBoth XP and 2003 were testedNoSteven Bink
Windows PE 2004 1.3YesThanks Stuart Hall and Steven BinkNoVarious Sources
Windows PE 2005 (1.5)YesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows Server 2003 R2, Enterprise EditionYesNoneNoRaf van de Vreugde
Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard EditionYesNoneNoRaf van de Vreugde
Windows Server 2003, Appliance EditionYesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows Server 2003, Datacenter EditionYesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows Server 2003, Enterprise EditionYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Windows Server 2003, Standard EditionYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Windows Server 2003, Web EditionYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Windows Storage Server 2003YesNoneNoSteven Bink
Windows Vista Beta Build 5536YesNo sound. Need additionsNoDavid Sanders/Al-Hareth Biheiri
Windows Vista Beta Build 5600 (RC1)YesNoneNoDavid Sanders/Al-Hareth Biheiri
Windows Vista Professional Beta 1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Windows Vista Professional Beta Build 5219YesThe OS install is very slow; Additions install after the (default) display adapter is removed from Device Manager, and the VM rebootedNoJohn Carney
Windows Vista UltimateYesSteve Nicklin notes that there is no sound or Aero GlassNoNeil Ramsbottom
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta Build 5744YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta x86 Build 5231YesInstallation takes several hours but less time than previous buildsNoColin Barnhorst
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta x86 Build 5270YesVirtual Server 2005 R2 Additions are suggestedNoJohn Carney
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta x86 Build 5308YesVirtual Server 2005 R2 Additions are suggestedNoJohn Carney
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta x86 Build 5342YesVirtual Server 2005 R2 Additions are suggested NoJohn Carney
Windows Vista Ultimate Beta x86 Build 5365YesNoneNoJohn Carney
Windows XP Home EditionYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows XP Home N YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Windows XP MCE 2002YesVirtual PC doesn't emulate a TV tuner cardNoJonathan Maltz
Windows XP MCE 2004YesVirtual PC doesn't emulate a TV tuner cardNoJonathan Maltz
Windows XP MCE 2005YesTV/Video doesn't work on VPC hardwareNoBenjamin Armstrong
Windows XP Professional EditionYesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
Windows XP Professional N YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Windows XP Starter Edition SEYesWorks on Computers with AMD Duron and Sempron and Intel Celeron or Below.NoAleks Rostein
Windows XP Tablet EditionYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
MacOS (Any)NoMacOS doesn't run on non-Apple hardware, licensing issues if it didNoJonathan Maltz
Microsoft Bob 1.1YesNoneNoSteven Bink
IBM OS/2 2.0YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Microsoft OS/2 1.3NoClick hereNoVarious Sources
OS/2 2.1YesNoneNoAndrew Clarke
OS/2 Warp 3.0YesWith Fixpack 40NoTom Porterfield
OS/2 Warp 3.0 French Red BoxYesNeed FixPack 35 FR (rev 8.259), VGA suggestedNoPETIT-JEAN Laurent
OS/2 Warp 4.0YesNeed FixPack 15YesMicrosoft VPC website
OS/2 Warp 4.5.2YesNoneYesMicrosoft VPC website
OS/2 Warp Server AdvancedYesVersion 3 - requires FP40+NoPaul Hodges
Windows for Workgroup v3.11 under OS/2 Warp 4.0 Fixpack 15+YesNoneNoJosh Bonis
@stake Pocket Security ToolkitYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
3Anoppix 20030704YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ACM-ΛUX 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Adamantix 1.0.4.-4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Adamantix Live CD 1.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Adios 3.0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Adios 4.12NoBoots to a pale blue desktop with no icons or menusNoColin Barnhorst
Adrenalinux 0.2.2NoLILO fails on timing errors; KDE fails to loadNoColin Barnhorst
Adrenalinux Sept06YesNoneNoMarcelo Fernández
Advanced Linux Workstation 0.4.1 alpha1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
AFU-KnoppixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
AIX 1.3YesDoesn't always boot, networking isn't supported, not Y2K compliantNoJason Stevens
AL-AMLUG Live Cd 0.4.2YesDoesn't detect sound and networkingNoColin Barnhorst
AlcolixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Alfalinux 0.3.1NoError message: "Unable to open Console."NoColin Barnhorst
Aliendrive i-686-1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
alinux 12.2NoLoader hangs after ramdisk setupNoColin Barnhorst
Alixe 0.01YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
AliXe 0.06 STDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Alixe 08c-STDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ALT Linux Compact 2.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ALT Linux Jr. 2.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ALT Linux Master 2.4NoInternal virtual machine error 13NoColin Barnhorst
AmaroK Live CD 1.3YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Amarok LiveCD 1.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Amber Linux 2.0NoContinuous reboots; failsafe boot failsNoColin Barnhorst
Amiga Forever 6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Amiga Research OSYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Amiga Research OS 20040821 night buildYesFrequent accessing the floppy drive slow down the responseNoAlessio Cuoghi
Amiga Research OS Max 0.48YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
AmigaOS 3.9NoNoneNoRodrigo Erazo H.
AmigaOS Amiga XL (Amithlon)NoNoneNoRodrigo Erazo H.
Amigo Linux 2rc10YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
AnkurBangla 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Anonym.OS unspecified betaYesGrafic interface fails to load, but command line works fine.NoCyrus Taylor
AntarcticaNoNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Antemium 2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ANTEMIUM Migration 0.7.6YesUse boot option: knoppix nodhcpNoColin Barnhorst
Antomic OSNoAfter install the screen stays black at rebootNoColin Barnhorst
APODIO 3.0.9NoDevice write errorsNoColin Barnhorst
Apple Darwin 1.3.1NoError: AppleATAPIIX::stopDma() error (0x60)NoCoreDuo
Aquamorph 0.1.00 new3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Arabbix 0.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Arabian Linux 0.6 beta3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Arabian Linux 0.6 RC1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Arch Linux 0.5 & 0.6YesNoneNoDavid Young
Arch Linux 0.7SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Arch Linux 0.7.1YesVirtual PC Service Pack 1 is requiredNoEduardo
Arch Linux 0.7.2 GimmickYesNoneNoDylan Harkleroad
Arch Linux 2.6.3YesClick hereNoBill Bragg
Archeos 1.0.1NoLoader errors with "unable to mount loop filesystem."NoColin Barnhorst
Archie 0.4.1 xfceYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Arco-Isis Debian 0.1.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ares Desktop 1.0-1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ark Linux 2005.1YesNo soundNoJonathan Maltz
Ark Linux Alpha 10.1YesNoneNoZener
Ark Linux H2O 1.0 alpha11YesThe mouse may not work during phase 1 of the installNoColin Barnhorst
Arudius 0.2aYesNoneNoHaidut
Arudius 0.5NoLoader hangs following message indicating loading of the USB Universal Host Controller Interface DriverNoColin Barnhorst
Asianux 1.0.1NoHangs after attempting to mount the filesystemNoColin Barnhorst
Asianux 2.0SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
aslinux 2.0YesMust configure DHCP manually. No sound.NoColin Barnhorst
ASP Linux 9.2YesNoneNoDmitry Mazur
Asplinux 11 betaYesChoose 16 for color depth and "thousands" of colors in the configuration screensNoColin Barnhorst
Astaro Security Linux 6.0YesRequires 2 network cardsNoColin Barnhorst
Astaro Security Linux V5YesRequires 2 NICs for full functionalityNoColin Barnhorst
Asterisk Live CD 0.1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Asterisk@Home 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Astlinux 0.2.6NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
AstLinux 0.4.4YesUse 'livecd idle=boot' as boot optionNoPatrick Theys
AT&T UNIX SVR 4.0 2.1NoKernel hangsNoMarco van den Heuvel
Athene 3.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Atmission 1.1-03NoDefaults to 24-bit graphicsNoColin Barnhorst
ATMission 2.0-01.NoDefaults to 24-bit color depth with no boot option to changeNoColin Barnhorst
Auditor Security Collection 200605-02YesDHCP isn't enabled automaticallyNoColin Barnhorst
Auditor Security Collection 220604-01BYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Augustux 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Aurox 10.0NoInstaller fails reading Gnome/KDE packagesNoColin Barnhorst
Aurox 9.2 LiveYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Austrumi 0.8.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Austrumi 0.9.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Automated Photo Album Web ServerYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Back Track beta 05022006YesDHCP does not configure automaticallyNoColin Barnhorst
Backpack 0.2 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Bad Penguin LinuxNoInstaller fails mounting the CD or NICNoColin Barnhorst
Baltix KnoppixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Baltix Knoppix 0.7.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Barnix 3.5NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
BartPE 3.1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Bart's Windows PEYesNoneNoJon Fleming
BasicLinux 3YesInstalled on an MS-DOS VPCNoColin Barnhorst
Basilisk Livelinux 1.1NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Basilisk Livelinux 1.3NoSegmentation faultsNoColin Barnhorst
Bayanihan Linux 3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Bayanihan Linux 3 Live CDYesNIC & Soundcard not detectedNoColin Barnhorst
BDI EMC 2.20NoInstaller failsNoColin Barnhorst
BDI for EMC 4.20NoInstalls OK but upon reboot hangs on "lost interrupt" error messagesNoColin Barnhorst
BDI Live rc46YesNIC isn't automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Beatrix 1bNoLoader hangs with DHCP broadcasting for IPNoColin Barnhorst
Beatrix November 04YesType "linux26 nodhcp" at the boot promptNoAndrew Sheppard
Beehive Linux 0.6.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BEERnix 1.0 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Belenix 0.3NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
Belenix 0.3NoFilesystem fatal errors.NoColin Barnhorst
BeleniX 0.4.1NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
Benix-Kanotix 2005-02.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Bentux 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BeOS 4.5YesClick hereNoCarl Eric Codere
BeOS 5.0 PEYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
BeOS 5.0 PE on WindowsYesVery poor mouse responsivenessNoColin Barnhorst
BeOS Dev. Edition 1.1 (5.03)YesClick hereNoBrian Stewart
BeOS Max 3.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Berlios Minicd Live 1.0 rc1YesNo sound. The S3 Trio must be reconfigured during setup for 16 bits. Network card is difficult to configureNoColin Barnhorst
BerryYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Berry 0.44YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Berry Linux 0.60YesChoose the edition with the up/down arrow and press "a" then add " depth=16" (no quotes, notice the leading space)NoColin Barnhorst
Berry Linux Professional Edition 0.57YesNo sound; at the boot prompt type "a[space]depth=16", otherwise the screen will be unusable at 24-bitNoColin Barnhorst
Berry Professional Edition 0.7YesSee the note for 0.57NoColin Barnhorst
Bestix 2006-04-05YesConnectivity is not automatically established. Boot with Extra Menu>ACPI on - DMA on - APIC offNoColin Barnhorst
BG-Rescue Linux 0.3.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BiadixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Big Linux 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Big Linux 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Biglinux 1.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BioBrew 3.0NoInstaller hangsNoColin Barnhorst
BioKnoppixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BlackPanther betaNoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
BlackPanther OS 4.0 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BLAG 10000YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Blag 30000NoInternal Virtual Machine error 13NoColin Barnhorst
BLAG 30001YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
BLAG 30003YesConfigure graphics for Generic LCD Monitor and "thousands" of colorsNoColin Barnhorst
BLAG 50000YesSet the display to thousands of colorsNoRichard
BLAG 9002YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BlankOn 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Blin 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Blue Sock LinuxNoInstaller hangs for an hour and then black screens outNoColin Barnhorst
BluebottleNoLoader hangs with a blank screen before a boot prompt of any kind appearsNoColin Barnhorst
BlueEDU LinuxYes640x480 resolution; Most things don't workNoColin Barnhorst
BlueEyed OSYesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
BlueFlops Linux 2.0.9SometimesIt seems to work randomly; no networkingNoRenan Birck
Bluewall 1.1YesManual install onlyNoColin Barnhorst
Bonzai Linux 3.2NoInstaller hangs during formatting of the Linux partitionNoColin Barnhorst
Bootable Cluster CD 2.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Boreas Linux 0.1YesHas some windowing problemsNoColin Barnhorst
BOSS BSI Nessus Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Boston University Linux 4.5 VelouriaYesOn reboot, the first-time script fails with "afs: Lost contact with volume location server (IP) in cell bu.edu" in an endless loopNoColin Barnhorst
BrazilFW 2.26.0YesNoneNoManuel Glez. Regal
BSD/OS 4.0NoHardrive DRQ/IRQ problemsNoMarco van den Heuvel
BSD/OS 4.1NoHardrive drq/irq problemsNoMarco van den Heuvel
BSDeviantYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
BU LinuxYesNoneNoAaron Caine
BU Linux 4.6 StormySometimesConnection to Boston University required for startupNoColin Barnhorst
Buffalo Linux 1.1.5YesInstaller will go to a black screen. Reset the machineNoColin Barnhorst
Buffalo Linux 1.2.3YesFDISK the drive before installationNoColin Barnhorst
Buffalo Linux 1.3.1YesFDISK the drive before installationNoColin Barnhorst
Buffalo Linux 1.7NoInstaller fails during probe for video. Screen blacks and never returnsNoColin Barnhorst
BugOS 1.0NoNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Burapha Linux 5.3.1NoInstaller fails on a job control errorNoColin Barnhorst
Burnix 0.3 alpha1NoMouse doesn't respondNoColin Barnhorst
ByzantineYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CAE Linux Beta 1YesSome programs which require 3D graphics may not functionNoColin Barnhorst
Caixa Magica 10YesNoneNoSr3
Caixa Magica 8.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Caldera DR-DOS 7.02YesHIMEM.SYS errors, but boots after thatNoMark Rae
Caldera OpenLinux 2.4NoKernel panics after installationNoDavid McIntosh
cAos 1.0YesUse "chilled" build optionNoColin Barnhorst
cAos 2.0YesXorg defaults to 640x480Nomatson
Caster 20041117YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CATix 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CATix 1.1 Live CDYesNo sound or internet connectivityNoColin Barnhorst
CCUX Linux alpha 0.9.7NoXIO fatal errorNoColin Barnhorst
CD Res-Q 1.5.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CDLinux 0.4.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CDLinux 0.5.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
cdmedic-5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CDRouter 1.9.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CEFM LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CensorNet 3.2YesRequires 2 NICs defined in setupNoRobert Moir
CentOSYesDetects the sound as SB16 and unknownNoColin Barnhorst
CentOS 3.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CentOS 3.3YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
CentOS 3.4YesClick hereNoJoe
CentOS 3.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CentOS 4.0YesConfigure monitor to Generic LCD and desired resolution, choose "Thousands of Colors"NoColin Barnhorst
CentOS 4.1YesClick hereNoMichael Hansen
CentOS 4.2SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
CentOS 4.2 ServerSometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
CentOS 4.3YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
CentOS 4.4YesNeeded to add "noacpi" to boot parameters, and set X color depth to 16NoDan A
CentOS Linux 2.1ASYesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
Chaos 0.7NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
CheckPoint Secure Platform NG-AI 5.5YesNoneNoPatrick van Rantwijk
Checkpoint SecurePlatform NG_AI R55YesNoneNoYugisther Mohabir
cho-kanji 2YesNoneNoAkanemaru
cho-kanji 3YesNoneNoAkanemaru
cho-kanji 4YesNoneNoAkanemaru
Christian Ubuntu YesWorks when booted into safe modeNoLeon
CHRONOMIUM Virus Live 0.9.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ClarkConnect 2.1 SP1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ClarkConnect Home 3.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CLIC 2.0NoInstaller fails at stage 2NoColin Barnhorst
ClosedBSDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Cluster Knoppix 3.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Cobind Desktop 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
COLD Linux 0.7YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
COLD Linux 0.8YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
College LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CollegeLinux 2.5YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Condorux 0.1YesAttempts to configure sound failsNoColin Barnhorst
Conherent Unix 4.1NoClaims floppy door is openNoMarco van den Heuvel
Connectiva 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Connectiva Live 0.5NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Console Linux 1.4YesLoader hangs if anything other than "enter" is pressedNoColin Barnhorst
Cool Linux 2.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Corel Linux 1.1YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Coyote Linux 2.16YesNoneNoJohn Foley
CP/M-86 (various)YesClick hereNoDrew Finnie
CPU Builders Linux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
CPX-MINI Kanotix 2005 04 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Crash Recovery Kit for Linux 245YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Damn Small LinuxYesNoneNoScott Allen
Damn Small Linux 2.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Damn Small Linux 3.0YesNoneNoSteven Chew
DaNIXYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DappixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Darma NAS (Small Business Edition) 3.0.3YesNoneNoMR
Darwin 7.0.1SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Darwin 8.0.1NoKernel panic when booting from the install CDNoMichael Hansen
Datalight ROM-DOS 4.11.1451YesDatalight Sockets (TCP/IP) also works by using the DC.COM Packet DriverNoGerrit van Niekerk
Dave/Dina OSNoIntro show doesn't endNoColin Barnhorst
DCC Live 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DDbackup 01YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DeadCD 0.4 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Debian 0.91 BetaYesNoneNoPaolo Scalia
Debian 3.0 r0 (Woody)YesUse the Tulip networking driverNoMatson
Debian 3.1YesTo get sound working, add "sb" to a new line in /etc/modulesNoStephen Hill
Debian Depok r040504NoReboot after installations failsNoColin Barnhorst
Debian Linux Sarge Web InstallYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Debian Testing and UnstableYesOnly works with less than 700 MB of RAMNoRon
DebianEdu 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Debix 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Decebal 0.9 rc1YesNo sound. Eth0 and Xserver require configurationNoColin Barnhorst
Deep WaterYesNIC doesn't work correctlyNoColin Barnhorst
Deli Linux 0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Demo Linux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Demubi 1.2.0 beta0YesXserver failsNoColin Barnhorst
Demubi 1.2.0 beta1YesUse ALSA for sound, no networkingNoColin Barnhorst
Demubi GNU/Linux 1.0.1NoKernel panic on shutdown after installation, X failsNoColin Barnhorst
DeMuDi 1.2.0 rc2YesXserver doesn't run, ALSA drivers don't workNoPaolo Scalia
DeMuDi Live CD 1.1.1YesDoesn't detect sound cardNoPaolo Scalia
Desert Spring-Time 2005-05YesNetworking doesn't workNoJonathan Maltz
Desert Spring-Time OS 1.0NoBoots in text mode, but nothing, including the keyboard, worksNoRenan Birck
Desktop Rock LinuxNoReboot after installation black screensNoColin Barnhorst
DesktopBSD 1.0 rc1YesConfigure the NIC in Stystem Settings; No soundNoColin Barnhorst
DesktopBSD 1.0 RC2YesConfigure the NIC in Stystem Settings; No soundNoRobert Roessler
DesktopBSD 1.0 RC3YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
DeveLinux 0.1NoKernel PanicNoColin Barnhorst
Devil Linux 1.0.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Devil Linux 1.2.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DEX OS 1.02NoInternal Virtual Machine error (3)NoColin Barnhorst
Diabolic 1.1.1YesFormat as FAT32 to allow nestingNoColin Barnhorst
DietLinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
distccKnoppixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Dizinha 0.10.b1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DNALinux ServerYesNoneNoSebastian Bassi
DNALinux Standard Edition Blast on CDNoX server errors outNoColin Barnhorst
DoOrSYesSet it up as a MSDOS PC and capture the imageNoColin Barnhorst
DosBox 0.61YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
DR DOS 6.0YesNoneNoAndrew Clarke
Dragon Linux v2r1 LiteYesNoneNoDave Hunt
DragonFly BSD 1.8.0-RELEASEYesX wasn't testedNoEvan Tsoukalas
DragonFly BSD 20040313YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
DragonLinuxNoKernel panic on Windows 9x guestsNoColin Barnhorst
DR-DOS 7YesNot compatible with EMM386NoPaul Hodges
DreamLinux 2.0 WorksYesIf installing be sure to reboot the vm after partitioning with cfdiskNoColin Barnhorst
DSL 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Dyne:bolic 1.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Dyne:bolic 1.4.1YesAfter booting, run modprobe snd-sb16 to get the sound card working. Then use alsamixer to adjust the volumeNoNathan Wallace
Dyne:bolic 2.0 beta2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Dyne:bolic 2.0 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
E/OS LX 0.2.3YesNoneNoGert-Jan Lokhorst
EADEMYesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
Eagle Linux 2.2YesConsole onlyNoColin Barnhorst
Eagle OSNoBlack screenNoColin Barnhorst
easys GNU/Linux 2.1 coreYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Echelon LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
eComStation 1.0YesNoneNoPaul Hodges
eComStation 1.1YesNoneNoPaul Hodges
eComStation 1.2YesNoneNoConrad Callan
eComStation 2.0 BetaYesNoneNoEd Durrant
eComStation demo CD (OS/2) 4.5YesNoneNoOtto Barea
ECS 1.2YesNoneNomax
EDUBUNTU 6.0.1YesNoneNoJoe
Educanix 1.0YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Eduknoppix 2.0.9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Edulinux 2005YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
EduLinux 9.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
EduMorphix 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Edunix Linux 0.99 beta1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
eeyore 0.67b (Honeywall)YesRequires 2 NICsNoColin Barnhorst
Ehad 2005YesIf an endless "RPM not found" error occurs, remove the media and reset. It should bootNoColin Barnhorst
Ekaaty AymoresYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ekkoBSDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ELE 0.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
eLearniX 2.6.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
elearnix 2.6.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Elive 0.1 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Elive 0.3YesOn the initial splash screen choose: "Elive | Old graphic card depth=16"NoColin Barnhorst
ELKS (Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset) 0.1.3-pre1YesRandom crashes, very slow, difficult bootingNoRenan Birck
eloop 2NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
ELX 1.0 PregoldYesInstaller may be a little slowNoColin Barnhorst
Emergency CD 3.0 GentooYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Endian 1.7NoNoneNoAnton Peer
Endian Firewall 1.1 rc5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Engarde Community 3.0.3 i386YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
EnGarde Community FeintYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Enhanced Machine Control 2.20NoInstaller fails to load package list for copyingNoColin Barnhorst
ERPOSS 3 Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ESWare 365 2.1NoText and GUI installers failNoColin Barnhorst
ETH OberonNoVideo doesn't work, even with VESA 2.0 selectedNoColin Barnhorst
Euronode Single ServerNo"Init ID# respawning too fast" errorNoColin Barnhorst
Evil Entity 0.2.5YesUse VESA Generic and your monitor's H/V syncNoColin Barnhorst
Evinux 0.2rc2-2YesHangs at boot; use "knoppix lang=us nodhcp" to loadNoColin Barnhorst
Extrix 2.0YesUse boot option "knoppix nodhcp."NoColin Barnhorst
EZPlanet One 2.0 Madesimo SB2NoInternal Virtual Machine Error 13 on post-installation restart.NoColin Barnhorst
EZPlanet One MadesimoNoXServer fails, many segmentation faults, boot errors.NoColin Barnhorst
F.I.R.E.YesNo NIC when booted into; works as an App.NoColin Barnhorst
Famelix 1.0.cYesDoesn't autoconfigre NICNoColin Barnhorst
Famelix 1.1YesDoes not autoconfigure NICNoColin Barnhorst
FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD 9.0YesUse boot option: "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Feather 0.3.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Feather 0.5DependsLive CD works, installer has a fatal bugNoColin Barnhorst
Feather Linux 0.7.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Featherweight 1.0YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Featherweight Linux 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 1SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Fedora Core 1 Publisher's EditionYesNoneNoGlen Parnell
Fedora Core 2 FinalYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Fedora Core 2 Test 1YesMay have problems reading physical CDsNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 2 Test 3NoInstall locks up when VFS attempts to mount rootNoJon Turner
Fedora Core 3 FinalYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Fedora Core 3 Test 1YesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 3 Test 2NoCore 1 and 2 fix doesn't workNoMichael Hansen
Fedora Core 3 Test 3YesClick hereNoDavid Sanders
Fedora Core 4 FinalSometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Fedora Core 4 Test 1YesInstaller is very slow, as is general performanceNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 4 Test 2YesUse 16-bit color (Also thanks John Carney)NoDavid Sanders
Fedora Core 4 Test 3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 5 FinalYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Fedora Core 5 test 1YesReconfigure the monitor to Generic LCD, resolution, thousands of colorsNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 5 Test 2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fedora Core 6YesWhen installing use kernel option: linux text; after install edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change default pixel depths to 16 from 24. Rambie adds that the install RAM max is 512MB.NoDavid Sandor
Fedora Core 6 test 2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fermi Linux LTS 3.0.1YesRequires at least 256 MB of RAMNoColin Barnhorst
ffsearch Live CD 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Finnix 86.0 pre3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FIRST (Forensic Investigation and Recovery Systems) 1.2.0YesNeed to configure eth0NoColin Barnhorst
Fiubbix 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FlashMob RC 3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FlashMob RC4YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Floppix 2.1r6YesDo not give the machine more than 64 MB RAMNoColin Barnhorst
FloppyFW 3.0rc2YesNoneNoMorten Sorensen
Florix Build 41YesIt may hang on boot, if it is reset it should be fineNoColin Barnhorst
Foresight Linux 0.6.0YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Foresight Linux 0.8.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Formulux 0.1.8 beta4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fox Desktop 0.6NoBoot fails after installationNoColin Barnhorst
Fox Desktop 0.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Fox Desktop 1.0 LiteNoLocks up initializing peripherals during the KDE desktop setupNoColin Barnhorst
Frankie Linux 5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FreeBSD 2.1.5YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD access corrupts the hard driveNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 2.2.8SometimesCD-ROM install causes HD corruptionNoAndrew Clarke
FreeBSD 3.0NoKernel hangs with a general protection faultNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 3.1YesCD access corrupts the hard driveNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 3.2YesCD access corrupts the hard driveNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 3.4YesCD-ROM install causes HD corruptionNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.1YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.10YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
FreeBSD 4.11YesSCSI support is lacking (when run on Virtual Server SP1/beta)NoDavid Lethe
FreeBSD 4.2YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.3YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.4YesNoneNoBruce Bookman
FreeBSD 4.5YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.6NoHangs when probing for devicesNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 4.8YesNoneNoSteve Schofield
FreeBSD 4.9YesNoneNoSteve Schofield
FreeBSD 5.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
FreeBSD 5.2YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 5.2 RC 2YesClick hereNoRobert Moir
FreeBSD 5.2.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
FreeBSD 5.3YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
FreeBSD 5.3 beta6YesDisable ACPI to installNoColin Barnhorst
FreeBSD 5.4YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
FreeBSD 6.0 Beta 2YesNoneNoBenjamin Armstrong
FreeBSD 6.0 ReleaseYesAllow ACPI to be *enabled*, or the clock will sync poorlyNoBucky Carr
FreeBSD 6.1 ReleaseYesFor a network install with a NAT (Shared) network connection, set the DNS server address to When asked about the boot manager, select "Standard"NoPeter Arrenbrecht
FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASEYesX wasn't testedNoEvan Tsoukalas
FreeBSD 7.0 BETA I386YesNoneNoTamouh
Freedom 2 SEYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FreeDOS Beta 9 pre-release5YesClick hereNoJohn Nelson
FreeDOS Beta 9 RC 3YesClick here (Thanks SJ)NoJonathan Maltz
Freeduc 1.4.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Freeduc CD (Live) 1.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Freeduc-games 1.6YesUse boot option "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Freeduc-Primaire 1.5-qemu 0.6.1-2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Freeduc-Sup 1.1YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Free-EOS 1.3-3YesNoneNoThierry ARDOUIN
Free-eos ServerNoHangs during the formatNoColin Barnhorst
Freeloader LinuxYesBest 1024x768 video is choice "0x0117"NoColin Barnhorst
FreeSBIE 1.0NoHangs at splash screenNoColin Barnhorst
Freesbie 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FreeSBIE 20040919YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
FREESCO 0.3.3YesNoneNoEric Fortier
Freespire 1.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Freespire 10.13.YesClick on Advanced Options, then choose Install with option xdriver=vesa. See this thread.NoShawn Toh
Freie Software Knoppix 3.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Frenzy 1.0 rc1YesType "startx" at command prompt for GUINoColin Barnhorst
Frenzy v0.3YesBoot with option #2. Default hangsNoColin Barnhorst
Frugalware 0.2YesSound server errorNoColin Barnhorst
Frugalware 0.2 pre2NoRecurrent error: "Fatal Sound Server Error, cpu overload, aborting" during desktop loadNoColin Barnhorst
Frugalware 0.3 rc2YesAt the end of the installation, change color modes from 24 to 16-bitNoColin Barnhorst
Frugalware 0.5 pre1NoInstaller fails with an error after partitioning the vhdNoColin Barnhorst
FRUSTIXYesMay detect the wrong video cardNoColin Barnhorst
FTOSX 2004NoInternal virtual machine error 13NoColin Barnhorst
Fuss Soledad Live RC7YesAt the boot prompt type: livecd xdepth=16NoColin Barnhorst
GameCD-utNoRequires an NVIDIA graphics cardNoColin Barnhorst
Games Knoppix live DVD 4.0.2-0.3YesMay take several minutes to load; large allotment of RAM is suggestedNoColin Barnhorst
GamesKnoppix 3.0-0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GamesKnoppix (Three Kings Release)YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Garbure - BUREK v0.1 20040726YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Garbure - GALANTINE v0.3 20041212YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Garbure - PHO V0.1 20041220YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Garbure - RATATOUILLE V0.3 20040817YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Garbure - ROLLMOPS V0.1 20041214YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GeeXboXYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Gelecek 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Generations Linux VortexYesNot all of the included apps workNoColin Barnhorst
GentooYesCompiled via KnoppixNoNiclas
Gentoo 2004.1 Live CDYesTo setup networking, use "modprobe tulip"NoMadept
Gentoo 2004.2YesNoneNoFabien D.
Gentoo 2004.3YesKernel 2.6.9 was used to support the NICNoChristoph
Gentoo 2005.0YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Gentoo 2005.1YesNoneNoStuart Peters
Gentoo 2006.0YesVirtual PC Service Pack 1 is requiredNoJon Jankowiak
Gentoo Linux 2005.1 LiveCDNoBooting from livecd freezes when the kernel tries to free unused memoryNoChris
Gentoo Linux 2004.1YesCompile with the generic 586/686 kernelNoMike Edenfield
Gentoo Linux 2006.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst/linkz
Gentoo LiveCD Experimental 2005.1 NoStart ups with a scrambled screenNoLuc Geurts
Gentoo SELinux 2004.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
gentooth 0.4 build 2YesUse boot options: xdepth=16 fb1024; DHCP does not automatically initializeNoColin Barnhorst
GEOLivre Linux 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Gibralter Firewall 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ging 0.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Giotto 359YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GISIX BangkokYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GIS-Knoppix 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GisMorphix 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
gNewSense 1.0YesMust use 16-bit colorNoDavid Sanders
Gnix 0.8.2YesBoth the live and installed versions workNoColin Barnhorst
Gnix 0.8.22YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
GNIX 012NoLive CD that defaults to 24-bit color depth despite the boot options NoColin Barnhorst
Gnome Live 2.10.0NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Gnome2 Live 0.99YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
gnoppix 0.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Gnoppix 0.8SometimesLive CD works, installer has problemsNoColin Barnhorst
Gnoppix 1.0YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
gNOX 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GNU-Darwin 6.6.1fv.x86NoLoader hangsNoColin Barnhorst
GNUStep i386-0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GNUStep Live 0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GoblinX 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Goblinx 1.1YesNo sound, no DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
GoblinX 1.2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Gobolinux 010NoDoesn't detect mouse then black screens outNoColin Barnhorst
Gobolinux 011 beta 1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Gobolinux 012YesHit ESC twice when prompted, then it will boot normallyNoAnonymous
Gobolinux 012 rc1NoHangs with a black screen at X11 detectionNoColin Barnhorst
GoodGoat 1.1YesNetworking doesn't workNoColin Barnhorst
gparted live 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
gparted live 2.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GPUL Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Grafpup Linux 1.0.4YesThe xvesa resolution setup may need to run several times before it takesNoColin Barnhorst
Grafpup Standard 1.0.2NoVideo options screen times out in half a second, not allowing selection of a video mode. It then reports an error "You did not press the OK button in the Video Wizard."NoColin Barnhorst
grml 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
grml 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
GuadalinexYesRuns slowly, doesn't detect soundNoColin Barnhorst
Guadalinex 2004 alpha1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Guadalinex 2004 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
h3knix 1.7.8YesX11 fails with a fatal IO error, but command line worksNoColin Barnhorst
Hacao LinuxYesNo network connectivityNoColin Barnhorst
HaikuYesPress space when booting, select 1024 x 768 @ 32 bitNoKarl
Hakin9 Live 1.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hakin9 Live 2.0YesConfigure network from SettingsNoColin Barnhorst
Hal91NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
Hancom Linux 4.0 beta 2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hardened LRs GNU LinuxYesType "17" for the US keyboard - the default will failNoColin Barnhorst
Hax Desktop 0.3NoLoader errors with "unknown keyword in config file."NoColin Barnhorst
Hax-base 0.1YesLoads 600x480 onlyNoColin Barnhorst
Hedinux Live Gnome 2006.1 alpha2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hedinux Sweet 0.1 rc1NoHangs with black screen on change of runlevel.NoColin Barnhorst
Helix 1.5YesFor X, at boot type: "helix xserver=XF86_SVGA"NoNestler and Hirsch
Helix 1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Helix Incident Response and Forensics 1.4YesX11 only works when the CD is booted "failsafe"NoColin Barnhorst
Herbix1067YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hewlett Packard Secure LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hikarunix 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hikarunix 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hispafuentes 9.0Yes800x600 with no optionsNoColin Barnhorst
Hiweed Debian Desktop 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Hiweed Server 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
HKLPG Linux 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
HKLPG Linux 2.0 FireflyYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
HKLPG Live betaNoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
HostGIS Linux 2.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Houdinix 0.1+YesMax resolution is 640x480 regardless of boot optionsNoColin Barnhorst
How-Tux 1.0YesConnectivity not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
HRID.officeYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
HRID.schoolYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
IBM DOS 1.1YesNoneNoMartin Mayrhofer
IBM DOS 7YesNoneNoMartin Mayrhofer
IBM PC DOS 7.0YesNoneNoAndrew Clarke
Iccaros Linux 03282005Noi8253 count too high repeating errorNoColin Barnhorst
Ice Pack Linux 2.0.1NoInstaller failsNoColin Barnhorst
Ichthux v0.4 2005-03-25YesLoad with "knoppix nodhcp" at boot promptNoColin Barnhorst
IDMS 2.5.17 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ignalum LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ILEX 1.3YesDefault text is mostly unreadableNoColin Barnhorst
Immunix OS 7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Impi 1.13YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Impi 2005YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
IMS MultiUser DOS 7.1YesWith Windows 2000 patchNoDan Damron
IMS Real32 7.53YesNoneNoDave Smith
IndLinuXMilan 0.7-2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
INSERT 1.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
IPCop 1.3YesNoneNoChristopher Williams
IPCop 1.4.10YesNoneNocoop3dw
IPCop 1.4.5YesNoneNoPaul Haigh
Iris 0.1.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
IRIX 6.3NoNoneNoScott
iRMX 1.2NoAt start-up after the install, an ERROR 3 (CPU trying to execute a BIOS or EMM call not available) is givenNoBill Slack
IsaMorph 0.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ItaliOs 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ITIX 2.0YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
JaCL Linux 0.2005-07-11 beta1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
JAMD 0.0.6bYesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
JFOSNoFails on detection of 32-bit extensionsNoColin Barnhorst
JnixNoError: Unable to mount loop file systemNoColin Barnhorst
JNode 0.1.10NoNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
JNode 0.2NoNoneNoMartin Husted Hartvig
JoLinux 1.2.1YesOnly does 800x600; DHCP doesn't work properlyNoColin Barnhorst
Jolinux 2.0.0YesOnly does 800x600; DHCP doesn't work properlyNoColin Barnhorst
Jollix 0.2.1YesDoesn't find NICNoColin Barnhorst
Jollix 0.3YesDoesn't find NICNoColin Barnhorst
Jusix 2NoHangs during setupNoColin Barnhorst
JUX 1.0YesWorks as a Live CD and installed OSNoColin Barnhorst
K12LTSP 4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
K12LTSP 4.4.0 beta1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kaella Knoppix Linux Azur 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kaella Knoppix Linux Azur 1.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kaella Knoppix Linux Azur 1.5 beta2YesUse the boot option: "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Kaella Knoppix Linux Azur 2.0YesUse boot option "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Kalango 3.1YesKDE doesn't load; Use boot option "kalango desktop=gnome"; Internet connectivity problemsNoColin Barnhorst
Kalango 3.2YesKDE doesn't load; Use boot option "kalango desktop=gnome"NoColin Barnhorst
Kalango LinuxYesNone/td>NoColin Barnhorst
Kannery v1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KANOTIX 2005-02YesSound plays too quicklyNoReimar Pinkernell
Kanotix 2005-03YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kanotix 2005-1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KANOTIX 2006 easter rc4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kanotix 2006 RC1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KANOTIX Bug Hunter 5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kanotix Bug Hunter 6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kanotix Bug Hunter 7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kate Linux 2.0YesDHCP does not configure automaticallyNoColin Barnhorst
Kate OS 2.01YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kate OS 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kate OS 2.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kate OS Live 2.1 ZyklonYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KateOS 3.0 betaYesUse boot option: "linux xdepth=16"NoColin Barnhorst
Kazit 2.0 beta2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KCPenTrix 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KDE GNU/Linux Live 3.6-1YesAt boot type: "fb1024x768" (without the quotes)NoColin Barnhorst
KDE-gnulinux Live (woody)YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
K-DEmar 1.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
K-DEMar v2.6 LyraYesText rendering in browser is poorNoColin Barnhorst
KibZilla 0.95YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kinneret 0.6rc5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KioskCD 2.6 StandardYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kix 0.9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Klax Kde 3.4 rc1NoUses 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Klax KDE 3.4.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Klax KDE 3.5 rc1YesIf you get a kde internal error message, reset.NoColin Barnhorst
KlusTriX 3.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KmLinux 4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KmLinux 5.0YesNetworking must be manually configured with YaSTNoColin Barnhorst
KnoMAX 202.2005YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
KnopILS 0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KnopILS 0.8YesUse boot option "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Knoppel 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppel 0.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppel 0.7YesDHCP does not configure automaticallyNoColin Barnhorst
KnoppIT 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KnoppixYesNoneNoRobert Moir
Knoppix 3.2 MiB 11bNoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix 3.2-MiB-11bYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix 3.4 (5/10/2004)YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Knoppix 3.6YesClick hereNoJan Kuznik
Knoppix 3.7YesNo soundNoB.Little
Knoppix 3.8.1YesType "knoppix nodhcp" at boot (or it will hang while setting up the network - Thanks Pamela Fong)NoMariusz Zalewski
Knoppix 3.9YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Knoppix 4.0 LinuxTag DVDYesHangs broadcasting for IP; use boot option "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix 4.0.2 CDYesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Knoppix 5.0YesNoneNoJohn Carney
Knoppix 5.1.0NoPS/2 mouse not recognized and no cheatcodes workNoEric Berger
Knoppix 5.1.1SometimesColin Barnhorst said it freezes at the desktop after displaying the "Knoppix Information" window. Eric Berger submits that it works, but the mouse is not recognizedNoVarious Sources
Knoppix BV1AL 20040829YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix BV1AL 20050417YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix ESYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix for Kids v2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix Japanese Edition Virtual PC 5 Win & Mac5.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix Linux Azur 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix Security Tools Distribution 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix STD 0.1YesNoneNoKenny Mann
KnoppiXMAMEYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KnoppixMyth R4V3NoInstallation fails 80% through with a black screenNoColin Barnhorst
KnoppixMyth R4V4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knoppix-NSM 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KnorporaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Knosciences 0.81YesAt boot prompt: Knoppix nodhcp depth=16, but text may be unreadableNoColin Barnhorst
Kranio 0.5YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Kubuntu 5.10 (Breezy)SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Kubuntu 6.06.1Yes"Safe graphics mode" Installation, needed extra reboot at the endNoNikolai Shokhirev
Kubuntu 6.10YesFollow mainly step 4c: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToConfigureUbuntuForMicrosoftVirtualPC2004NoProfessor Dredd
Kubuntu Hoary 5.04YesClick hereNoLindley Lee
Kubuntu Hoary Preview 5.04YesClick hereNoLindley Lee
Kurmumingames 5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
KurslinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kuruja 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kurumin 3.0 FinalYesAllocate 256 MB of RAM or moreNoColin Barnhorst
Kurumin 4.1YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Kurumin 5.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kurumin 6.1YesBoot option: must append xdepth=16, as in: "kurumin screen=1024x768 xvrefresh=60 xdepth=16"NoColin Barnhorst
Kurumin Linux 2.2xYesNoneNoThiago Bessa
Kurumin Live CD 5.0 apha2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Kwort 2.0NoDefaults to 24-bit color depthNoColin Barnhorst
L.A.S. 0.4.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lamppix 1.1YesDoesn't detect the NICNoColin Barnhorst
LaWanTec-VPNGW-Live 0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LBA LinuxNoInternal virtual machine errorNoColin Barnhorst
Leading Edge DOS 3.33YesNoneNoChris
LFS Live CDYesNIC needs to be manually configuredNoColin Barnhorst
LG3D LiveCD 2.3NoLoads to the desktop but is not functionalNoColin Barnhorst
Libertas 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Libranet 2.7 ClassicSometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Libranet 2.8.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LIIS Linux 0.4.0NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
LIIS Linux 0.902YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lin4AstroYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lin4Astro Live CD 2.0 betaYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Linare 2.0NoVirtual machine error 13 occursNoColin Barnhorst
Lindows 2.0YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
Lindows 3.0YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
Lindows 4.5YesNoneNoCoolskin
Lindows 4.5 Laptop EditionYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
LindowsLive 4.5.212YesWeb browser runs slowlyNoColin Barnhorst
Lineox Enterprise 3.055ASNoLoader fails with Internal Machine Error 13NoColin Barnhorst
Lineox Enterprise LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lineox Enterprise Linux AS 4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LinEspa 0.16YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LinEx 2004 Live betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LinEx 3 r2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linnex OS 095YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Linnexos 085YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Linpus Linux 9.2YesInstaller may reset by language setup, 800x600 onlyNoColin Barnhorst
Linspire 4.5.603YesSound doesn't workNoDuane Dyer
Linspire 5.0YesNo soundNoDaniel Brandmeyer
Linux EduCD 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linux for Windows 9xYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Linux Knofis 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linux Live Game Project 0.0.1YesOnly when booted with "failsafe"NoColin Barnhorst
Linux Live Game Project 0.1 pre0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linux TLEYesSound works when ALSA is usedNoColin Barnhorst
Linux XPYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linux+ Live 2.01YesDoesn't automatically configure DHCP, no soundNoColin Barnhorst
Linux+Live 08-2005YesNo sound. DHCP is not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
LinuxCareYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LinuxConsole 0.4YesUse French ISO and type "en", NIC not detectedNoColin Barnhorst
LinuxConsole not detect ethernet or sound cardNoColin Barnhorst
LinuxDefender Live v1.5.6 CeBITYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linuxinf 1.0YesInternet connectivity isn't automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Linuxo 01t3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Linuxo Live 0.3 OdysseusYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lisp Resource KitYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Litrix 1.1.0NoLoader hangsNoColin Barnhorst
Litrix 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Litrix Linux 6.4YesAt the boot screen enter: "litrix xcolor=16 mouse=ps2"; DHCP not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Litrux Live CD 1.0YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
LiveOIO 1.0.9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LiveTeXmacs Barnhorst
LiveZope CAS LAM2P 0.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LiVux 1.1YesMay hang while setting up KDE, just resetNoColin Barnhorst
LiVux 2.0YesHangs at DHCP broadcast. To boot, type "livux nodhcp" at boot promptNoColin Barnhorst
Lliurex Live CD 5.05YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LNX-BBC 2.1NoKernel panicsNoJonathan Maltz
LNX-Bootable Business CardYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Loading Linux Client 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Loading Linux Server 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Local Area Security 0.4.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Loco 0.1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Loco 0.3.0YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
LocustWorld Meshbox 10YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lonix 1.0 rc5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Loonix Live 2.0 beta2NoDefaults to 24-bit graphicsNoColin Barnhorst
Lorma Linux 2005 beta2NoDesktop never loadsNoColin Barnhorst
Lorma Linux 2005 rc1NoDesktop setup fails with dark blue blank screenNoColin Barnhorst
Lorma Linux 4 Fedora CoreYesNone (need to manually configure sound)NoColin Barnhorst
Lorma Linux 4 Red HatYesSame as aboveNoColin Barnhorst
Lorma Linux 5.0 BetaNoInternal virtual machine error (13)NoColin Barnhorst
LUC3M Candidate 1 r1YesMay hang loading first desktop, reset and it should workNoColin Barnhorst
Luit Linux 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Luit Linux 0.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lunar Linux 1.4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Lunix 1.0 rc4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
LycorisYesUse the VESA adapterNoColin Barnhorst
LynxOS 3.1.0aYesNoneNoPaco Aragón
LynxOS 4.0.0YesNoneNoPaco Aragón
m0n0wall 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
m0n0wall 1.1YesRequires floppy image and 2 ethernet cards to be usefulNoSeshu Yamajala
Magnuz i 4NoDoesn't boot after installNoColin Barnhorst
MAliGNUz rc1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mandows 1.5NoHangs on bootNoColin Barnhorst
Mandows 1.6YesUse "livecd nousb" to start if it hangs; no NIC setupNoColin Barnhorst
Mandrake 10.1SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Mandrake Linux 10SometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Mandrake Linux 6.1YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Mandrake Linux 7.2YesADSL Connection doesn't workNoB van Dijk
Mandrake Linux 8.2 DownloadSometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Mandrake Linux 9YesNoneNoPeter McMahon
Mandrake Linux 9.2YesFor Xwindows use 16-bit colorNoOndrej Pokluda
Mandrake Multi Network Firewall i586YesNoneNoChristopher Beale - Gecko
MandrakeMoveYesMust force 16-bit colorNoChuck Flink
Mandriva 2006.0YesNo soundNoJason Mosley
Mandriva 2007 (Odin)YesYou have to change the defaultDepth from 24 to 16NoAl-Hareth Biheiri
Mandriva Linux 2005 Limited EditionYesConfigure for "thousands" of colors (default is 24-bit)NoColin Barnhorst
Mandriva Linux 2006 beta 1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mandriva One Live FinalYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Mastadon beta 0066NoFile system errorNoColin Barnhorst
MAX: Madrid LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MCNLive BruggeYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
MCNLive HaarlemYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MCNLive Jordaan PrereleaseNoDefaults to 24-bit color depthNoColin Barnhorst
MCNLive RCYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MDK minicd (Berlios) 1.0 rc3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Medialinux 2.0 preYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Memtest86YesNoneNoDamian Connolly
MenuetOS .59 BetaYesNoneNoMichael Marquette
MenuetOS 0.75NoNoneNoGnilbeil
MenuetOS 0.77NoInternel virtual machine error (3)NoJonathan Maltz
MenuetOS 0.78NoNoneNoMankaran Singh Chhatwal
MEPIS 2003.10.02YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mepis 2004 b05YesBoth kernels tested; no sound; if setup hangs, resetNoColin Barnhorst
MEPISLite test 02NoLots of cloop errors in both kernel 2.4 and 2.6. Cloop errors prevent login as wellNoColin Barnhorst
MepisLite 3.3.2 Test01YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
mGSTEP 0.586NoRespawn too fast errorNoColin Barnhorst
Micro OS XYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MicroOS 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MIKO GNYO/Linux 1.6YesAt "boot:" type: "linux vga=0x314"NoColin Barnhorst
Mindi LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MiniKazit 1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MiniKNOPPIX 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MiniSlack 0.2YesDHCP installation failsNoColin Barnhorst
MiniSlack 0.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MinixNo"Filesystem Panic: Can't open root filesystem"NoGábor Németh
MINIX 2.0.3 Running under DOS in 8086/286 modeYesNoneNoLoren Peitso
Minix 3YesNoneNoStefano Roberto Soleti
Minix-vmd 1.7.0NoRamdisk failsNoMarco van den Heuvel
Miolux v1 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mitel Networks SME Server 5.6YesWorks in server mode, not tested in gateway modeNoChristopher Williams
Mitel Networks SME Server 6bYesSame as aboveNoChristopher Williams
Mitrax 0.3.1YesDoes not detect the network cardNoColin Barnhorst
Mklivecd 1.0 rc3YesChange color config at boot by typing linux color=16NoColin Barnhorst
Mockup 0.1.0 beta1NoX doesn't start, even when configured to less than 24-bit colorNoJonathan Maltz
Moebius rel 5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Molinux 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Momonga Linux 1 rc0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Momonga Linux 2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mona 0.2YesNoneNoAnonymous
MonkeyCity Rescue 0.3YesFails to configure the NICNoColin Barnhorst
Mono Live 1.0YesUse "live-expert" boot option, use "medium" monitor config, and don't use 24-bit color. Entry #1,000NoJonathan Maltz
Monoppix Barnhorst
Monoppix 1.0bYesSome applications may run poorlyNoColin Barnhorst
Monoppix Barnhorst
Morphix 0.4.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Morphix NLPYesDoesn't allow DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
Movix 0.8.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MoviX2 0.3.1 pre4YesDoesn't detect sound cardNoColin Barnhorst
MSC LinuxYesIf the installer hangs, resetNoColin Barnhorst
MSTux 1.0 rc1YesHangs on broadcast for IP unless "Knoppix nodhcp" is typed at the boot menuNoColin Barnhorst
MuliMidix 0.1.9NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
muLinux 13r2YesNo networking, no X, no mouse, loaded from MS-DOS using LOADLINNoRenan Birck
MumiYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Munjoy Linux 0.5.4NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Muriqui Linux 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MurixNoAuto installer fails, command line worksNoColin Barnhorst
Musix GNU+Linux 0.19YesHangs on DHCP broadcasting for IP. At boot type: "musix nodhcp". Alsa will configure soundNoColin Barnhorst
Musix GNU+Linux 0.49YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
MusixGNU+Linux 0.26YesUse boot option: musix nodhcp; use "Configure Soundcard" icon to configure the SB16 with ALSA, but there are sound problemsNoColin Barnhorst
MusizGNU+Linux 0.40YesUse "nodhcp" option, no sound.NoColin Barnhorst
Mutagenix Freerock 2.6.10YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Mutagenix Kde3.4 2.6.10YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Mutagenix Kde3.4 beta1 2.4.26YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Mutagenix Rescue CD 2.6.10YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Mutagenix Xfce 2.6.10YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Myah 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Myah OS 1.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
myLinux 3.1 SunflowerNoSegmentation faultsNoColin Barnhorst
myLinux 3.2NoAnaconda installer encounters a serious error formatting dev/hda2NoColin Barnhorst
Nachos/486YesNoneNoBenjamin Armstrong
Nasgaia 1.0NoRuns into an endless loop at logonNoColin Barnhorst
NASLite+ 1.2YesNoneNoJason Coyne
Nature's Linux 1.0YesNoneNoHatsuhito UENO
Nature's Linux 1.3 BasicYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NAVYN OS 2004 05b2NoX server crashesNoColin Barnhorst
Nbed-Nakook 1.0 x86 2005-12-14YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NecromantuxYesNetworking doesn't auto-configureNoColin Barnhorst
NepaLinux beta 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NetBoz 1.4b8NoAborts with a DHCP errorNoColin Barnhorst
NetBSD 0.9NoDoesn't bootNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.0NoDoesn't bootNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.1NoDoesn't bootNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.2.1NoNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.3YesXwindows doesn't workNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.3.1YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.3.2YesMouse and network card are not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.4YesNetwork card is not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.4.2YesNetwork card is not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.4.3YesMouse and network card are not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.5.2YesNetwork card not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.5.3YesNetwork card not recognizedNoMarco van den Heuvel
NetBSD 1.6YesXwindows doesn't workNoCarlos Gonzales
NetBSD 1.6.2YesX-Windows works using the S3 driverNoAlex van Denzel
NetBSD 2.0YesDid not try XNoSeshu Yamajala
NetBSD 2.1YesX doesn't workNoMatson
NetBSD 3.0YesNoneNoUlrich Hobelmann
Nethence Linux 200604051931YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NetMAX DeskTOP 1.7 betaNoNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Netwosix 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NewOS Build 2085YesBoots with "tuning loop" errors, but completes the boot process fineNoMichael Marquette
NexentaOS alpha 5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NextStep 3.3YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Niigata Linux 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NIOdeYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nitix 4 #26YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
N-iXNoInstaller fails at random pointsNoColin Barnhorst
Nokia Checkpoint Secure Platform R55YesNoneNoBenjamin Kelley
Nonux 1.4aYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nonux 1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nonux 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nonux 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nonux 2.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Nonux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Novell DOS 7YesNot compatible with EMM386NoGreg Bromage
Novell Linux Desktop 9YesNoneNoMichael Hansen
Novell Netware 3.12(/3.x)NoClick hereNoVarious Sources
Novell Netware 4.10YesClick hereNoLibor Hlavac
Novell Netware 4.11YesOnly works with SP 8aNoPaul Hodges
Novell Netware 5.1YesClick hereNoBen van Erp
Novell Netware 6.0YesSee the 5.1 notesNoBen van Erp
Novell Netware 6.5YesRequires at least 512 MB of RAMNoLaurence Pitt
Novell Open Enterprise Server BetaYesNoneNoMichael Hansen
nUbuntu devel formulaoneYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
NuxOne 2.0bYesDoes not detect soundcardNoColin Barnhorst
OGo KnoppixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Olive 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Omoikane 2.0.6NoXFree86 server errors outNoColin Barnhorst
OneBaseGo 1.5YesNeed to setup some network information manuallyNoColin Barnhorst
Onebasego 2.0 preYesSome functions still need to be configured from a CLINoColin Barnhorst
Onebasego 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Open SLS 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenBSD 2.4NoDoesn't get past bootloaderNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 2.5NoDoesn't get past bootloaderNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 2.7NoGives an error when loading the bootloaderNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 2.8NoDoesn't get past bootloaderNoAdam Meltzer
OpenBSD 2.9NoDoesn't get past bootloaderNoAdam Meltzer
OpenBSD 3.2YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 3.3YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 3.4YesNoneNoMatson
OpenBSD 3.5YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 3.6YesNoneNoGary
OpenBSD 3.7YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
OpenBSD 3.9YesNoneNoCasper van Eersel
OpenDarwin 6.6.2NoHangs at initial splash screenNoColin Barnhorst
OpenDarwin 7.2.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
OpenDesktopYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenLab 3.2NoVideo goes to 24-bit color even when set differentlyNoColin Barnhorst
OpenLab 4.1 alpha1YesIf the loader hangs with a black screen, use boot option: oldvesaNoColin Barnhorst
Openlab Linux 305 CommunityYesNIC isn't supportedNoColin Barnhorst
Openlab Live 4.0.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Openlab live 4.ZbetaYesThe loader will offer you windows of various sizes. Let the smaller ones time out and OK the screen resolution you want when a window that size appearsNoColin Barnhorst
OpenLX 11YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenNA LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenStep 4.1YesThe installer will work if the EIDE Driver is selectedNoAdam Hall
OpenStep 4.2YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
openSuSE 10YesNoneNoDavid Ker
OpenSuSE 10.1 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenSuSE 10.2 alpha3NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
OpenSuSE 10.1 FinalYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
OpenSUSE 10.2SometimesJaime Moreno originally reported: HPET test failed validate assigned PCI resources failed. Philly reported no issuesNoVarious Sources
OpenVista VivA FOIA Gold 20050212YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Operator 3.3.20YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Oralux 005NoAccessibility OS that cannot find the sound cardNoColin Barnhorst
OrangelinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Overclockix 3.4 betaYesTo install you will need to format the drive manuallyNoColin Barnhorst
Owl 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
P.H.L.A.K. 0.3NoError messages: "Client rejected by server." "xinit failure" Hangs during desktop load and then resetsNoColin Barnhorst
P.H.L.A.K. Live CD 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Paipix Linux 3.8YesUse boot option: "linux nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Paipix Linux 5.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PaiPix Linux V3.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Papuglinux 06.1YesConnectivity is not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Parallelknoppix 2004-6-14YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ParallelKnoppix 2005-06-02YesLoader hangs on DHCP broadcasting for IP. Boot with "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Pardus-Calisan 1.0bNoDefaults to 24-bit color, with no way to change itNoColin Barnhorst
Pardus-Calisan 1.1NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Parsix 0.45YesNo network connectivityNoColin Barnhorst
Parsix 0.70 Damn Small Linux 2.1bYesNoneNoDavid L. Yeung
pc/OS 5.2YesWill only boot from a floppy diskNoPeter Chapman
PC-BSD 0.5aYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 0.6YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 0.7YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 0.7.8NoCD Loader hangs with message "Relocating the loader and the BTX."NoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 0.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 1.0 rc1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
PC-BSD 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PC-BSD 1.2Yes(No sound - thanks Alan Boyer)NoAl-Hareth Biheiri
PC-DOS 1.0YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 1.1YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 2.0YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 2.1YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 3.0YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 3.1YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 3.2YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 3.3YesNoneNoDrew Finnie
PC-DOS 4.00DependsCan only boot from a floppy diskNoTod Morgan
PCLinuxOS 2004NoHangs during the installNoColin Barnhorst
PClinuxOS Live CDNoHangs probing devicesNoColin Barnhorst
PCLinuxOS Live CD Preview 7 (6-6-04)YesAt the boot prompt, type "livecd nousb"NoJames Van Scoy
PClinuxOS p9 test-02YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
PClinuxOS p92YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
PCLinuxOS Preview 0.81YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PCLinuxOS Preview 9YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Peanut Linux Pro 12.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Peanut Linux Pro 9.6YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
PebbleCDNoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
Penguin Sleuth 1.0 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pentoo Linux 2005.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pequelin 0.5.5 Beta 4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Petros 1.0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
pfSense 0.49YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Phaeronix 0.77YesDHCP automatic setup failsNoColin Barnhorst
Phayoune firewall 0.3.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PHLAX 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PhosphurOSYesIf login fails, reset the desktop; NAT may not workNoRolf Deme
PHP Live Solutions 1.0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Phrealon 0.90YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Physicstools 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pick R83 2.2NoRequires a 5.25 inch floppy driveNoRobert Taylor
PicoBSD .041YesDialup, Network, and Router versions testedNoColin Barnhorst
Pilot.linuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pingo Linux 3.1NoRespawning too fast errorsNoColin Barnhorst
PingOO 3.0.3YesConsole mode onlyNoColin Barnhorst
PingOO mode onlyNoColin Barnhorst
Pingwinek GNU/Linux 1.0 RC1YesPartition and format with another distributionNoColin Barnhorst
Plac 2.9.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Plamo 4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Plan 9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Plan 9 Release 4YesFloppy doesn't recognize video/NIC but ISO doesNoMichael Edenfield
Plan BYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PLD Live CDNoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
PlumpOS 7.0 pre2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pocket Linux 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pocket Linux 1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Pollix Live 20040309YesDoesn't configure DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
Poseidon 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Posity 0.1 alphaYesNo network connectivityNoColin Barnhorst
pQui linux para cAsA 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
pQui Linux para casa 1.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ProgenyYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Progeny Debian 3.0 Developer EditionYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Project dEv 0.1 beta3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Prologue Software Twin ServerYesClick hereNoJulian Peris
Prometheus 108YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
PTS DOS 2000YesNoneNoAnonymous
PTS DOS 32 Build 144YesNoneNoAnonymous
Public IP Zone CD 0.2-4YesRequires 2 NICsNoColin Barnhorst
PUD GNU/LinuxYesUse boot option "lamppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Puppy 0.82YesUse the previous version ISO to boot fromNoColin Barnhorst
Puppy 0.9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Puppy 1.0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Puppy 1.0.6 MozillaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Puppy 1.09YesTo configure an internet connection, click on Setup and use the appropriate "Connect to the Internet with...." option on the Setup menuNoColin Barnhorst
Puppy Chubby 1.0.4YesUse net configurator tool to set eth0 to auto DHCP.NoColin Barnhorst
Puppy Linux 2.01YesHad to run the audio wizard in Puppy Linux to get the soud working, choose SB16 for the legacy audio in the wizardNoDave B
Puppy Linux 1.0.7YesUse the Setup icon to configure for DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
PXES 0.8 SPDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
pxes 0.8-9PBYesBlack screen during config is ok, XDM doesn't workNoColin Barnhorst
Pyrobot 4.3.0YesUse boot option: "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
QiLinux 1.0NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
QiLinux 1.1NoDefaults to 24-bit color and no option to change itNoColin Barnhorst
QiLinux 1.1r3YesNoneNoDavide Madrisan
QiLinux 1.2 rc1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
QiLinux Live CD 1.1NoUses 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
QNX 1.44 demo network v405YesNoneNoMike Gibson
QNX 4.25YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
QNX 6.xYesUse the VESA video driverNoBenjamin Armstrong
Qtopia 4.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Quantian Barnhorst
Quantian Knoppix Barnhorst
Quetzal 27-7-2006YesNo connectivityNoColin Barnhorst
R.I.P. 8.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Rays LX 1.5 zidianNoInstaller hangs installing GrubNoColin Barnhorst
ReactOS 0.1.3YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
ReactOS 0.1.5YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2 RC 1NoUsed to work; hopefully the final willNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.0YesIt's very slow to boot; Doesn't shut down/Log OffNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.1NoDoesn't seem to finish bootingNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.2YesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.3YesDoesn't Shut downNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.3 Live CDNoStops booting at "Loading PCI"NoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.4YesIf it blue-screens on first boot, rebootNoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.4 Live CDNoHangs on "Loading PCI"NoJonathan Maltz
ReactOS 0.2.5YesOnly works in VGA modeNoAlessio
ReactOS 0.2.6YesThe VESA driver displays colors incorrectlyNoMichael Hansen
ReactOS 0.2.8YesNoneNoChris
ReactOS 0.2.9NoClick hereNoVarious Sources
ReactOS 0.3.0 RC3YesDoes not recognize VGA, NIC or IDE controller. (Currently working on a fix)NoMike Kaiser
ReactOS 0.30 RC1YesNoneNoEd Durrant
ReactOS Live 0.2.4NoFails probing PCINoColin Barnhorst
ReactOS LiveCD 0.2.6YesNone (Also thanks Colin Barnhorst)NoMichael Hansen
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 ESYesClick hereNoHatsuhito UENO
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3YesNoneNoJason Haag
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4YesVirtual PC Service Pack 1 is requiredNoMilton Lopez
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ASYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ESYesSet Display Virtual Machine Resizing Options to "Use only standard resolutions" during installation to prevent hang during installationNoBill Medland
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 WSYesSet the color depth to 16-bitNoHatsuhito UENO
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0YesCannot boot with more than 620 MB RAMNoJonathan Woytek
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4.1NoKernel panicsNoKamil Rezac
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 3.0YesNoneNoMatt Roberts
Red Hat Linux 3.0 ESYesCannot boot with more than 620 MB RAMNoJagannath
Red Hat Linux 4.1YesInstall on a P3 or lowerNoDavid Sanders/td>
Red Hat Linux 5.0YesInstall on a P3 or lowerNoDavid Sanders
Red Hat Linux 5.1YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
Red Hat Linux 6.0 (BlueSky 1999 Build)YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
Red Hat Linux 6.1YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Red Hat Linux 7.0YesNoneNoJordan
Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Enigma)YesNoneNoLibor Hlavac
Red Hat Linux 7.3YesClock runs at half speedNoRon Heald
Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Psyche)YesNoneNoJonathan Blankley
Red Hat Linux 9YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Red Tux 9YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Redflag 5.0NoLoader hangs at "VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem)"NoColin Barnhorst
redWall 0.5.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Redwall Firewall 0.5.3cYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
RehMuDi CD Live 170304NoHangs at a blank screenNoPaolo Scalia
RepairlixYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Resala Core 1 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Rescue Linux 2.4.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
RhapsodyNoWorked in Connectix VPC 4.2NoGert-Jan Lokhorst
Rimba Linux 0.5No"sysinit failed, /bin/pidof no such file or directory"NoColin Barnhorst
Rock Linux Live CDYesDoes not configure DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
Rocxshop 0.08YesSB16 not detectedNoColin Barnhorst
Root Linux 1.4NoInstaller hangs while setting up the hard driveNoColin Barnhorst
Roslims 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Roslims 1.2NoBoot loader hangs with Error 17NoColin Barnhorst
RouterLinux 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
rPath 1.0.2YesSet graphics to Generic LCD Monitor (desired resolution) and Thousands of ColorsNoColin Barnhorst
rpath linux 0.25NoInstallation terminates with "An Exception has occurred."NoColin Barnhorst
rPath Linux 0.60 beta1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
rPath Linux 0.99.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
rPath Linux 1.0.5YesNoneNoBrett Adam
RR4 Linux 2.60.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
RTAI Live CD 0.16YesTests require CTRL-C but this does not workNoColin Barnhorst
Sabayon Linux 3.0 RC2fYesConnectivity not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Salvare 0.1.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Salvare 0.1.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Sam 2006-1 previewYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SAM Live CD 2005-1bYesDoes not detect the sound cardNoColin Barnhorst
SAM livecd 0.2.1NoHangs probing devicesNoColin Barnhorst
Santa Fe Linux CTR 3 Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Santa Fe Linux CTR1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SantaFeCTR 3NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Santa's Favorite LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SaxenOS 1.1 b1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Schillix 0.3NoIssues a panic warning and enters the debuggerNoColin Barnhorst
SchilliX 0.4.3YesNoneNoJohn Carney
SchilliX-0.1YesNoneNoJohn Carney
Scientific Linux 3.0.3YesNoneNoTony Lee
Scientific Linux 3.0.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Scientific Linux 4.0 rc1 manifestdestinyYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Scientific Linux 4.1 NoInternal Machine Error 13NoColin Barnhorst
Scientific Linux 4.2YesChoose Generic LCD monitor and "thousands" of colors during the postinstallation configurationNoColin Barnhorst
Scientific Linux 4.3YesChoose "thousands" of colors during the postinstallation configurationNoBen Schuiling
SCI-LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Scilix 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SCO OpenServer 5.0.XYesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Sectoo Pre-alphaYesIf it appears to hang on load, press Alt+F1 and type "startx" for the GUINoColin Barnhorst
Securepoint 4.0p3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Securinix 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Sentinix 0.70.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Sentry Firewall 1.3.0-3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SER LIveCD YesDoes not detect network cardsNoRobert Terpe
Shabdix 0.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SHARK 1.0.6 beta2NoRespawn too fast errorNoColin Barnhorst
Shillix 0.1NoLoader hangs with "Server out of Resources...restarting."NoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMEPIS 2004 rc2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMepis 3.3YesUse 2.4 kernel (older hardware) boot option, several recurring error messagesNoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMEPIS 3.3.1YesNoneNoJohn Carney
SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 RC1NoCloop errors galore.NoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 rc1 Live CDYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMEPIS 6.0 beta4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SimplyMepis Live CD 3.3.1 test01YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Sisela 0.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SkatOS 0.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SkatOS 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Skolelinux 1.0.1NoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Skolelinux edu sarge pr05YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Skolelinux PreNoX server errors outNoColin Barnhorst
SkyOS 4.0.0aYesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
Slackpen beta 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slackware 10.0 rc1NoNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slackware 9.1YesDoesn't detect the sound card correctlyNoJonathan Maltz
Slackware Linux 10.0YesNoneNoDavid Sanders
Slackware Linux 10.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Slackware Linux 10.2YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Slackware Linux 11.0YesTested with 2.4 kernel vesa fb vga=0x318 sb=0x220,5,1,5 ; sound works (note: booted from DOS 7 (from win98se) via loadlin.)NoAndy Allen
Slackware Linux 2.2YesNoneNoRussell Bevers
Slampp 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLAMPP 1.5.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slavix 0.9.1YesWorks as a Live CD and installed OSNoColin Barnhorst
Slax 3.0.25-2YesDoesn't find sound cardNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX 4.1.2YesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX 5.0.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax 5.0.6YesRunning xconf hangs the machineNoDavid L. Yeung
Slax 5.1.0YesThe memory must be set to 512 MB or lowerNoLukasz Nowicki
Slax 5.1.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax 5.1.7YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax Killbill Live CD 5.1.6YesKonqueror fails to startNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Linux Kill Bill Edition 5.0.6YesSlow when running from CD (HD installs run OK); sound is garbled; may require X reconfiguration viaxorgconfig or editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf (use VESA or S3 video)NoRenan Birck
SLAX Live CD 5.0.3 frodoYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Live CD 5.0.3 killbillYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Live CD 5.03NoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Live CD Kill Bill Edition 5.0.5YesClick hereNoRenan Birck
SLAX Live CD Popcorn Edition 5.0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Live CD Standard Edition 5.0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLAX Live CD Standard Edition 5.04YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax Popcorn Live CD 5.1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax SE Live CD 5.1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Slax Server Live CD 5.1.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SLIX slNoKernel panicNoColin Barnhorst
SloTech LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SlynuxNoThe loader gives a long list of IO errors and then hangsNoColin Barnhorst
SLYNUX 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SmartPeer 0.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SME 7 PreYesVirtual PC Service Pack 1 is neededNoDavid Allday
SME Server 6.0.1YesNoneNoMichael Hansen
SME Server 6.5 beta 2YesNoneNoSeshu Yamajala
SME Server 7.1YesRuns both in Server and Server/Gateway-mode.NoPer Stenebo
Smoothwall 1.0YesNoneNoRichard Hamilton-Frost
Smoothwall Express "Grizzly" 3.0YesNoneNoRussell
SmoothWall Express 2.0YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
Snappix 0.7YesStalls with DHCP broadcasting for IP. Use boot option: "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Snofrix-English 2005-06-19YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Snofrix-Slovakia 2005-05-12YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SOL 17.00/OOLNoFails on tar errorNoColin Barnhorst
SOL 18.00 BetaYesDoesn't detect networkingNoColin Barnhorst
Solaris 10YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Solaris 10 6/06NoNoneNoJesse Varsalone
Solaris 10 1/06NoHangs after CPU detectionNoKent Brodie/Evan Pearce
Solaris 10 1/06YesView OpenSolaris Forum PostNoAnonymous
Solaris 10 3/5 VersionYesClick hereNoJohn Carney
Solaris 10 BetaYesNoneNoSevan / Venture37
Solaris 8 Intel EditionYesBoot off of CD 2 for SetupNoPaul Lynch
Solaris 9 i386YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Solaris 9 u7 i386NoSetup reports that "'486' is an unsupported CPU in this version of Solaris"NoJesse Reynolds
SolOS Wall
SOT Desktop EditionNoxFree86 failsNoColin Barnhorst
Source Mage 0.9.2NoInstalls OK, panics on loadingNoColin Barnhorst
SoyomboYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Specifix Linux 0.5NoMouse does not respondNoColin Barnhorst
Spiet 2005YesIf it kernel panics, create a new machineNoColin Barnhorst
SpinixNoLoaders failsNoColin Barnhorst
Stanix rc3 050301YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
StarCD 1.4YesUse 512 MB RAM; A black screen may appear for a long period, boot-up will continueNoColin Barnhorst
StartCom Enterprise Linux AS 3.0.1 MaccaabeeYesUse text mode installer, Generic LCD monitor and 16-bit color depthNoColin Barnhorst
StartCom Enterprise Linux AS 4.0.0 BarakYesUse Generic LCD monitor and "thousands" of colors. Some applications may fail to installNoColin Barnhorst
StartCom Linux Developer Edition DL 3.0.0 PharaohYesUse text mode installer, Generic LCD monitor and 16-bit color depthNoColin Barnhorst
StartCom Linux Multimedia Edition ML 3.0.3 MishtehYesUse text installer, some multimedia functions not available due to limits of emulated hardware (Thanks Colin Barnhorst)NoLincoln Gaudreau
StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-5.0.5No"unknown keyword in config file"; "could not find kernel image: linux"NoAl-Hareth Biheiri
Storm Linux 2000YesNoneNoMichael Marquette
StreamBOX 1.2.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
StressLinux 0.2.6NoNever finds the hard drive even when formattedNoColin Barnhorst
Stresslinux 0.3.1 rc1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
StressLinux 0.3.1rc4NoDriveReady SeekComplete ErrorNoColin Barnhorst
StrongBox 1.0-b-12YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Stux Linux 0.8.1NoDefaults to 24-color depth with no option to changeNoColin Barnhorst
Stux Live CD 0.8YesNo sound. Use boot option: "stux colordepth=16" NoColin Barnhorst
Stux-linux 0.6.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
STX 1.0 rc3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Sulix 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Sun Java Desktop System 2003YesNoneNoJonathan Ripley
Sun Java Desktop System V 2YesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
SuperRescue 1.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SUSE 10.0 betaYesSelect Sound during the hardware configuration post-installation phase and probe for the SB16, add the SB16 even though one is displayed, and choose the "Normal" configuration methodNoColin Barnhorst
SUSE 10.0 RC1YesSelect Sound during the hardware configuration post-installation phase and probe for the SB16, add the SB16 even though one is displayed, and choose the "Normal" configuration methodNoColin Barnhorst
SuSE 10.1 alpha4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
SUSE 7.0NoLILO doesn't bootNoJavier
SUSE 9.2 ProYesNoneNoxxdd
SUSE 9.3YesOn AMD64s, there may be sound problems (see here)Noccg
SUSE 9.3 Live DVDYesRequires 384 MB or more RAM (Thanks Colin Barnhorst)NoJohn Carney
SUSE Linux 10YesSet the RAM to under 512 MB or the install will freezeNoJeff Moss
SuSE Linux 10 Professional YesNoneNoPaul Sullivan
SUSE Linux 10.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
SUSE Linux 9YesClick hereNoJonathan Maltz
SUSE Linux 9.0 DVDNo"An error occurred during installation" message receivedNoAndreas Probst
SUSE Linux 9.1 Live CDYesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
SUSE Linux 9.2 DVDSometimesClick hereNoVarious Sources
SUSE Linux 9.2 FTPYesMay hang while sound is enabledNoNorman Diamond
SUSE Linux 9.2 LiveDVDYesTakes a long time to bootNoMichael Hansen
SUSE Linux 9.3 ProYesNoneNoMichael Hansen
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8YesNo sound; VM fails to boot with more than 512 MB of RAM allocated (Thanks Richard Thorrington)NoScott Lundgren
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9YesNoneNoMichael Hansen
SUSE Linux Personal 9.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
SUSE Linux Pro 8.1YesNoneNoMorten
SUSE Linux Pro 8.2YesNoneNoDaniel Frenette
SUSE Linux Pro 9.1YesNoneNoSi Lumb
SUSE Linux Pro 9.1 FTPYesClick hereNoColin Barnhorst
SUSE Linux Standard Server 8.0YesSound does not work correctly and problems occur when shutting down from root userNoOwen Clark
SUT Linux Live CD 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Swecha June 06YesConnectivity not automatically established. Some issues with applets. The vm sometimes releases the mouse unexpectedlyNoColin Barnhorst
Syllable 0.5.2YesNoneNoGert-Jan Lokhorst
Syllable 0.5.3YesClick hereNoBenjamin Armstrong
Syllable 0.6.0aNoGets to blue screen and hangs. Says failed to load boot-shellNoWilliam Griffiths
Syllable LiveCD4NoHangs during boot-upNoJonathan Maltz
Symphony OS 2006-05YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Symphony OS alpha 3YesUse the boot option: "knoppix depth=16 nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Symphony OS beta 1 pr1-108YesBoot with the boot option "knoppix depth=16 nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
System Down Rescue 1.0 pre6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
System Rescue CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
System Rescue CD x86 0.2.12YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
T2 Live 2.2.0 betaYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Tablix on Morphix 0.0.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tablix on Morphix 0.2 RC2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
TabOS 0.2.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tao Linux 4YesIf the Anaconda installer hangs, reset and try againNoColin Barnhorst
Tao Linux Release OneYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tao Live CD 4.02NoInternal Machine error 13.NoColin Barnhorst
Taprobane 0.4.1NoHangs with error message "Device i82365.0 does not have a release() function..."NoColin Barnhorst
Taprobane GNU/Linux 0.2NoInitial loader hangs at "Please contribute if you find this software useful."NoColin Barnhorst
Team-TL 4.5.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
TechLinux 3.0YesSB16 is found as unidentifiableNoColin Barnhorst
TelemetryBox LiveNoGUI doesn't boot; NIC detection failsNoColin Barnhorst
TextOS 1.0 beta 5YesIncluded PAKs do not runNoJonathan Maltz
TextOS 1.0 beta 6YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
TFM LinuxNoKernel panic after install completesNoColin Barnhorst
The Open CD 3.0NoLoader fails reading .iso fileNoColin Barnhorst
THEOS 32 4.1YesNIC isn't supported, so networking doesn't workNoMike Edwards
Theos Corona 50167 YesNoneNoJared LaMunyon
THEOS Corona Release 5 (PL50165) NoFatal error at the start of setupNoMatt Long
Thinstation 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Thiz Linux 7.0YesInstallation may take a long timeNoColin Barnhorst
Tilix Linux 1.0 BorisNoFails with "Knoppix failed: invalid argument."NoColin Barnhorst
Tilix Linux 2.0YesText may be unreadableNoColin Barnhorst
Timos Rescue CD Set 0.9.8YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tina-Knoppix 2.0.0YesUse boot option "knoppix nodhcp."NoColin Barnhorst
Tinfoil Hat LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tinysofa Enterprise Server 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tinysofa Enterprise Server 2.0NoClick hereNoVarious Sources
Tkfp Live 1.1NoOrder allocation failuresNoColin Barnhorst
tomsrtbt 2.0.103NoVPC is unable to boot 1.72MB floppies.NoRenan Birck
Toophpix 0412NoKernel panicsNoColin Barnhorst
Topologilinux 4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Topologilinux 6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
TPM Security Server 1.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Trinity Rescue Kit 1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Trinux .089YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Trisquel GNU/Linux 1.0 rc5YesMany lengthy delays during load. Connectivity is not automatically configuredNoColin Barnhorst
Trixbox 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Trixbox v1.2YesAvoid kernel panic by using secondary controller for CDNoTony Gravagno
Troppix i586 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Troppix i586 1.2NoHangs on bootNoColin Barnhorst
TrueBSD 0.1 rc1YesDHCP not automatically configured.NoColin Barnhorst
Trustix Secure Linux 2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Trustix Secure Linux 2.2YesNoneNoTony Lee
Trustix Secure Linux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ttylinux 4.7YesNoneNoJerry Cornelius
Tugux 001 Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tupiserver 1NoXFree86 server fails with error 104NoColin Barnhorst
Tupiserver 1.1YesLive CD and Backup installer work; Auto isn't reliableNoColin Barnhorst
Tupiserver 2.0YesAt the boot prompt, type "knoppix lang=us screen=1024x768x16 nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Tuquito 1.0-K betaNoNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Tuquito 2.0 beta r3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
TurboLinux Desktop 10NoKernel panic at the beginning of the installationNoAhmed Akef
TurboLinux Desktop 6NoLILO doesn't install properlyNoMichael Hansen
Turkix hangs probing for devicesNoColin Barnhorst
Turkix 1.9NoLoader hangs at probing devicesNoColin Barnhorst
UbixOSNoUnrecoverable processor errorNoColin Barnhorst
Ubuntu (Edgy Eft) Beta 6.10 YesInstallation GUI is distorted. If you manage to install with defaults, modify the default depth as mentioned in previous versionsNoOlice
Ubuntu 4.1 LiveYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ubuntu 4.10YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Ubuntu 6.06 DesktopYesBoot into "Safe Graphics Mode" and install normallyNoDavid Sanders/Henk Arends
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake)NoKernel panicsNoAl-Hareth Biheiri
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Alternate CD (Dapper Drake)YesChange VGA settings in boot options before installingNoAl-Hareth Biheiri
Ubuntu 6.06 ServerYesAt Grub press ESC and edit the kernel line to include the option vga=0x314. To make it permanent edit /boot/grub/menu.lstNoRichard Buggy
Ubuntu Desktop 6.10NoCrashes at 'GNOME' screen, with color distortion, with legible words "GNOME" and "CRASH"NoCam Bates
Ubuntu Hoary 5.04YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
Ubuntu Hoary Preview 5.04YesClick hereNoLindley Lee
Ubuntu Linux x86 5.04YesX server's refresh rates needs to be configuredNoDejan Tomazic
Ufficiozero 0.2NoX Server failsNoColin Barnhorst
Ufficiozero 0.5NoDefaults to 24-bit graphicsNoColin Barnhorst
UHU Linux 1.1.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
UHU Linux 1.2NoDefaults to 24-bit color, with no option to change itNoColin Barnhorst
UHU Linux 2.0 test 1YesAt the boot prompt, use the functions keys to change the video to vesa. Post-installation there will be a chance to change color depth to 16-bits.NoColin Barnhorst
Ultima Linux 4 sp3YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
UltimaLinux 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ultimalinux 4 SP1-1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Ultimalinux 8.0.1 LiveYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Ultimalinux 8.1 betaYesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Underground Desktop 011 betaNoAnaconda installer hangs formatting the file systemNoColin Barnhorst
Underground Desktop 023 alphaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
UnixWare 2 2.01NoNoneNoIstván
UnixWare 7.0.1YesNoneNoJason Stevens
Unixware 7.1.1YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Unununium (FRuSTRaTiON 0.3.1)YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
uOS (µOS)NoUnrecoverable processor error during startupNoColin Barnhorst
uOS (µOS) 0.6DependsLive CD works, installer failsNoColin Barnhorst
UserLinux Live 0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vector LinuxYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vector Linux 4.0 Live CDNoSeveral looped errors about /sbin/netconfigNoJonathan Maltz
Vector Linux 5 Standard Edition beta 1NoFails on "Starting hotplug."NoColin Barnhorst
Vector Linux 5.1 Standard Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vector Linux SOHO 5.0YesUse the Vesa standard graphics. Have installer probe for SB16 legacy soundcard when option appears, then let ALSA configure laterNoColin Barnhorst
Vector Linux SOHO 5.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vector Linux SOHO 5.1.1NoFreezes at xorgsetup during installNoAlex F.
Vector Linux Standard 5.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vida Linux 1.1YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
VidaLinux Desktop beta 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
VidaLinux Desktop OS 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vigyaan CD v0.1 betaYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vine Linux 2.5YesCD player works but the sound card isn't detectedNoColin Barnhorst
Vine Linux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Vine Linux 3.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Virtual Linux Developer 1.0NoDesktop loads but mouse doesn't workNoColin Barnhorst
Virux 0.3YesDoes not configure eth0NoColin Barnhorst
Visopsys 0.4NoInternal virtual machine error (3)NoColin Barnhorst
Visopsys 0.54NoUnrecoverable processor errorNoColin Barnhorst
Visopsys 0.56NoUnrecoverable processor error.NoColin Barnhorst
Visopsys 0.58NoUnrecoverable processor error.NoColin Barnhorst
VLOS 1.2NoGraphical installer fails installing a package (varies). Text installer fails with "unhandeled exception."NoColin Barnhorst
VLOS 1.2.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
VMWare ESX 2.5.0No"Unable to load VMWare Kernel"NoDaniel Manser
VNLinuxCD 9.2YesUse French KB optionNoColin Barnhorst
vnoss live cd 0.3NoVideo is preset to 24-bit graphicsNoColin Barnhorst
Voyage 0.1 SargeNoMany timer reset messagesNoColin Barnhorst
VS Live miniCD 26-04-2004-2NoAlways uses 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
WarLinux 0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Webalianza Linux LiveCDNoDefaults to 24-bit graphicsNoColin Barnhorst
Whax 3.0 beta1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
White Box Enterprise Linux 4.0 rc1 manifestdestinyYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
White Box Linux 3.0YesNoneNoRon Barrett
Whoppix 2.4YesNoneNoMark Ukotic
Whoppix 2.5YesIf this hangs at the boot prompt, use "failsafe" boot switchNoColin Barnhorst
Whoppix 2.7.1 finalYesIf loader hangs, use boot option "knoppix nodhcp"NoColin Barnhorst
Wienux 1.0YesIf the progress bar is overwritten by warnings, replace the first CD with the second when all activity stops. The warnings don't effect the installerNoColin Barnhorst
Winbi 1.0r3NoFatal server errorNoColin Barnhorst
Windows Vista Beta Build 5728YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
WinLinux 2000YesDoesn't detect networkingNoColin Barnhorst
Wolvix 1.0.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Wolvix Games Edition 1.0.4YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Womp! 0.6 betaNoDoesn't recognize audio CDsNoColin Barnhorst
Wordittux 2.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Wow Linux 7.0 KkachiNoHangs during formattingNoColin Barnhorst
X/OS Linux 3.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
X/OS Linux 4.0NoInternal virtual machine error 13NoColin Barnhorst
Xandros 201 oceYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Xandros 301 ocdYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Xandros Desktop 2.0YesResolution is limited to 1024x768NoSJ
Xandros Desktop 3.01YesNoneNoRandy Carlton
Xandros OC 3YesSound isn't autodetectedNoRob Mendrzycki
Xarnoppix 2.1YesNo soundNoColin Barnhorst
Xarnoppix 3NoLoader hangsNoColin Barnhorst
Xarnoppix LiveCD 2.1YesNo sound or DHCPNoColin Barnhorst
Xebian 1.0.2 Live CDNoDefaults to 24-bit colorNoColin Barnhorst
Xen 1.2YesNoneNoGert-Jan Lokhorst
Xen 3.0 LiveCD demo 3.0No"Unknown interrupt" NoColin Barnhorst
Xendemo 2.0.6NoLoader failsNoColin Barnhorst
Xenix 2.3.4NoNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Xenophilia LauraNoFails on reboot from installationNoColin Barnhorst
Xenoppix 3.0NoLoader stops with "Unknown Interrupt."NoColin Barnhorst
X-Evian 0.3.1YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
X-Evian Live CD 0.6YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
XFLD 0.2YesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
XitA 1.0 RC2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
XoL 18.00NoDoesn't get beyond loginNoJonathan Maltz
XORP 1.0 Live CDYesNoneNoJonathan Maltz
xubuntu 6.06YesNeed to configure the x-server to use 16-bit colorNoPeter Veltmans
Yellowtab Zeta Deluxe RC3NoHangs at first initialization screenNoTobias Mieth
Yellowtab Zeta RC3YesAfter multiple attempts, install succeededNoMichael Gaskill
YES (YourESale) 2.0.7YesRequires 2 NICsNoColin Barnhorst
YES (YourESale) 2.2.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Yggdrasil Linux 1.1NoBooting from floppy fails at CD mounting, running setup from DOS results in scrolling errorsNoMichael Marquette
Yoper 1.0NoInstaller black screens and never revertsNoColin Barnhorst
Yoper 2.0YesClick hereNoVarious Sources
zDemoLinux 3.1NoLots of segmentation faultNoColin Barnhorst
Zen Linux 1.0NoHangs in runlevel 2 at "kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds"NoColin Barnhorst
Zen Linux 1.2NoDefaults to 24-bit color, with no option to change itNoColin Barnhorst
Zenix baseV0.3-4NoOut of memory error as a live CD; format failsNoColin Barnhorst
Zenwalk 1.2YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Zenwalk 1.3NoSegmentation fault in the hotplug functionsNoColin Barnhorst
Zenwalk 2.1 CoreNoHangs configuring USB Universal Host Controller.NoColin Barnhorst
Zenwalk 2.6NoHangs with a black screen following post-installation configurationNoColin Barnhorst
Zenwalk Linux 2.8YesRequires installation from a physical CD. Generic video driver should be used. May require Windows XP/NTFS.NoZoltán S. Márk
Zerahstar Zesktop 0.1NoHangs broadcasting for IP during bootNoColin Barnhorst
Zeta 1.0YesNoneNoHenrik Karlsson
Zeta 1.1YesNoneNoHenrik Karlsson
Zeta 1.1 Live CDYesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Zeta 1.21YesNoneNoMarco van den Heuvel
Zeta NeoNoNoneNoKarl
Zhwinux LiveCD 1.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
ZMliveCD 1.21.3YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Zool 4.0YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst
Zopix 0.5YesNoneNoColin Barnhorst

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